Another dark lady (2017)

by heartscore

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This is the second remake of a song from my 2007 album „Many directions“. When Iooked again on the song with so much distance I wanted to change a few things. As usual for the Many directions 2017 project you hear only real instruments. I am proud, that I could work with so many wonderful musicians. From the old recording I just kept the choir and used it also for the remake. Everything else is new, I even recorded the guitar-track again. Second I changed one thing in the arrangement: Instead of my mediocre whistle-solo, I wanted to have a Saxophone for this track. I finally found Gdaliy Garmiza, who took over this task. Unlike my usual working procedure, I have not notated the saxophone part before and allowed Gdaliy to come up with a free improvised solo and some fills. I am always a bit anxious, when I let a musician play, what he wants, but in this case I was blown away by the result and in my opinion he has added a missing piece to the song. At last I decided to give the lead-vocals to Chris from, because the song covers exactly his range and also his edgy timbre fits very well.
The poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson seems to tell a story of a broken relationship. The poem refers to Lilith, a figure of the Mesopotamian and jewish mythology. Lilith is a very ambiguous woman. She is known as the first wife of Adam before Eva, she appears in occultism and other sources a s a demonic „witch“, and in modern times she stands for emancipation and a positive, self-confident woman. However the experience of the narrator is dark.

If you want to learn more about the Lilith-myth:


Think not, because I wonder where you fled,
That I would lift a pin to see you there;
You may, for me, be prowling anywhere,
So long as you show not your little head:
No dark and evil story of the dead
Would leave you less pernicious or less fair—
Not even Lilith, with her famous hair;
And Lilith was the devil, I have read.

I cannot hate you, for I loved you then.
The woods were golden then. There was a road
Through beeches; and I said their smooth feet showed
Like yours. Truth must have heard me from afar,
For I shall never have to learn again
That yours are cloven as no beech’s are.
(Edwin Arlington Robinson)


released May 18, 2017
Lead Vocals: Chris (courtesy of )
Choir: Dirk Radloff
Saxophone: Gdaliy Garmiza
Piano: Milana Zilnik
Guitar: Dirk Radloff
Double-Bass: Reggie Jones
Drums: Jonas Schütz


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heartscore Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe, Germany

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