Behold from the land of the farther suns

by heartscore

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This is the first track of heartsore. which features an analogue synthesizer. I love the technoid method to work with meandering sequences, which create polyphonic structures. When I composed this track I started with a simple C major figure of steady sixteens. But I repeat it after 31 notes, so it shifts continuously over the 4/4 measures. Additionally I set the notes to different octave-ranges. The resulting figure is the basis for the whole song and is repeated until the end. To bring the sequence to life I recorded it with my new analogue synthesizer, a make noise 0-coast. I ran the sequence in my DAW and controlled the 0-coast via Midi. While the sequence was running I turned the knobs of the special overtone-filter of the 0-coast. Above this basic sequence you hear a kind of Funk with traditional Blues phrases often extended to the diminished scale. While the basic sequence is in C-major, the song itself is in E major creating a bitonal feeling throughout. The verse is based on typical Jazz-chords. The Jazz-progression is prolonged during the last verse to create consistency.

The poem of Stephen Crane is very dark, also regarding the meaning. Somebody returned from a very strange and frightening place and is so affected, that he even shrinks, „sick with it“.
Then he asks somebody else „What is this?“ And the answer has the quality of a dark riddle:
„Spirit, this is a world; This was your home“ The last words could be interpreted as a sentence: The main character has asked, though he was not allowed to ask. „This was your home“ could mean, that he has now to leave that strange world. We also register, that the main character is not a normal human being, because he is titled as „Spirit“. So maybe he is already dead? The dark place could be the hell. So now, when he will leave, will he leave for something better? These are the obvious questions.

Instruments used:

Guitars: BC Rich Stealth „Chuck Schuldiner“ through Kemper Peavey 5150 profile
Synthesizers: Makenoise 0-coast for the sequence, U-He Zebra for the bassline
Drums: Custom ESX Instrument with samples of Teenage Engineering PO-12, Roland TR 707 and real Cymbals


Behold, from the land of the farther suns
I returned.
And I was in a reptile-swarming place,
Peopled, otherwise, with grimaces,
Shrouded above in black impenetrableness.
I shrank, loathing,
Sick with it.
And I said to him,
"What is this?"
He made answer slowly,
"Spirit, this is a world;
This was your home."

(Stephen Crane)


released August 9, 2017
Lead vocals: Chris (courtesy of

Guitars, choir, Synths: Dirk

All rights reserved by heartscore-music/ Dirk Radloff August 2017



all rights reserved


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