Black riders came from the sea

by heartscore



This is the second track for my new electronic metal project and maybe the heaviest track in the history of heartsore. It’s based on another very short poem by Stephen Crane. When Crane, who named his poems „lines, because he thought they are not worth to called poems, published a collection of his „lines“, he choosed this one as the first and labeled it with the roman number one. The battle-theme in the beginning inspired me to create a brutal and heavy atmosphere. I thought on vikings attacking a peaceful shore. Viking-inspired lyrics have a long tradition in the Rock-history. I think Led Zeppelin’s „Immigrant song“ could be the first example, next Iron Maiden’s „Invaders“ comes to my mind followed by the whole album „Sign of the hammer“ bye Manowar. Meanwhile there is a whole genre of Viking Rock and Viking Metal.

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The lines „In the rush upon the wind: Thus the ride of sin“ seems like a judgement from somewhere above. Does Crane wants to express, that war is a sin? I am not sure. But I changed the mood for this lines and insert a choir before at the end the darkness with „Black riders“ breaks through again.
Musically this is the second track, which features Poly-rhythms. In the beginning the guitar-riff is 7/4 while the bass is playing a 5/8-motif and the drums keeping a 4/4.
Recording notes: For this song I tuned the guitars down to C, something I also never did before. I thought about to use the violin for the part after the choir, but later I found a haunting synth-sound and created a random pitch-move across the section. Therefore the part is getting more dissonant, which fits better to the theme in my opinion than a lovely violin.

Instruments used:
Heavy guitars: BC Rich Stealth „Chuck Schuldiner“ through Kemper Profiling amp

Left channel: Maxon OD820->Bogner Überschall->Mesa Rectifier 4x12 with V30->SM57

Right channel: Maxon OD820->Mesa Rectifier->Mesa Stiletto Cabinet with V30->SM57+Royer R-121 Ribbon

Clean guitars: Ibanez FRM100 through Kemper Profiling amp
Left and right channel: Fender Vibroverb

Bass: U-He Zebra Synthesizer

Drums: Logic EXS Sampler with sounds from Teenage engineering PO-12, Roland TR-707 and Samples of real Crash and Ride-cymbals

All rights reserved 23/2/2017 by heartscore-music/ Dirk Radloff


Black riders came from the sea.
There was clang and clang of spear and shield,
And clash and clash of hoof and heel,
Wild shouts and the wave of hair
In the rush upon the wind:
Thus the ride of sin.
(Stephen Crane)


released February 23, 2017
Chris: Lead vocals (
Dirk: Guitars, choir, synthesiser, production



all rights reserved


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