Don't stop me now

by heartscore



This is the first track of a new serial of cover-songs. I do these cover-songs for three reasons: First it's fun and I can show the people some of my idols and influences. Second I use them to learn the Elektron Digitakt. I think it's the best way to learn a piece of gear, when you have a concrete idea, what you want to do. Therefore as usual I prearrange the song in Sibelius, but then I transfer the idea to the Digitakt and try to take advantage of the special features and sound of the machine. The Digitakt is sample-based, so usually you will work with little snippets of audio. For the first time you hear a heartscore-track, which does not content any traditional recordings. Instead of recording long stems I have carefully sampled my guitar, my violin and even a snare, which was lying around here. I sampled the guitar and the violin in fifth, what means I sampled every 5th tone across the fretboard and also different articulations, Powerchords etc. On this track you hear the following samples:

- BC Rich Stealth
- Bassculture Picco bass
- Gretsch 10"x06" Ash Snare
- Violin "Anton Piegendorfer 1902"
- My own voice saying "Stop"
- Kick from a Teenage Engineering PO-12
- Hihat from a free online-library

I arranged everything bar by bar in the Digitakt. When I was done I transfered the stereo-file (Overbridge is still not available) to Logic and let Chris sing above this playback. At last I mixed and mastered in Logic and added the Delay-effect between the first part and the middle-part.

Now listening to the result I think it sounds a bit more dance-orientated than my usual stuff. Of course the sampled instruments don't sound as lively as real ones, but everything sounds dead tight and there is more groove than I could achieve on my last album. However in the moment I am not sure, if I would use this method for my own music, but you can expect a few more covers. On this track I had just learned basic operations of the Digitakt, so I hope I will get better.

At last I want to tell a bit about the artistic idea of the cover. I adore many songs of Queen. "Don't stop me now" was often praised a sone of the most positive and upliftiung songs ever. After watching the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" I thought it could be thrilling to mirror the darker side of the 70s Rockstar-life in the cover. Therefore I just sing "Stop" in the choir as if there is a crowd, which tries to stop the main character from his wild life-style. All in all it could be now a song against drugs.


released December 30, 2018
Music and lyrics by Freddie Mercury and QUEEN


all rights reserved



heartscore Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe, Germany

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