In a lonely place

by heartscore



This is the next track of my Metal-serial and features another highly interesting poem of Stephen Crane.
When I studied the poem I recognised some trademarks of Crane’s poems: The scenes, which he describes, often happen at a lonely places like the first line of this poem says. But also other poems of him place the human being into a desert or wide landscapes filled with snow. And within those environments the human are often confronted with mighty creatures and persons like gods, seers, wise men, monsters. So „In a lonely place“ is a very typical example of Crane’s poetry, though here the little human being can overpower the mighty competitor. I understand this poem as a clever description of the generation-conflict: The older generation (the sage) doesn’t understand new technologies (the newspaper). Therefore the younger generations is feeling superior and maybe megalomanic. The main character even declares, that he is wise, though he seems to be younger than the sage. Therefore here is a misunderstanding of wisdom implied.

Musically I start with an abstract 16th-motif. When the main riff is introduced the verse is 5/4 throughout with some little choir-arrangements, while the chorus is 4/4. I try with every song of this new serial to bring something new on the table. Here I wanted to set a contrast between the muted riffs in the beginning and the chorus and the ringing, „punk-like“ playing during the verse. In the last section the 16th motif of the beginning is sequenced. As usual you hear a synth-bass and electronic drums. For the guitars I just used my BC Rich „Chuck Schuldiner“ and tuned down two whole steps to C.

Instruments used: BC Rich „Chuck Schuldiner“, Zebra Synthesizer, Custom ESX-Instrument with samples of Teenage PO-12 and Roland TR-707

All rights reserved April 2017 by heartscore-music/ Dirk Radloff


In a lonely place,
I encountered a sage
Who sat, all still,
Regarding a newspaper.
He accosted me:
"Sir, what is this?"
Then I saw that I was greater,
Aye, greater than this sage.
I answered him at once,
"Old, old man, it is the wisdom of the age."
The sage looked upon me with admiration.
(Stephen Crane 1871-1900)


released April 28, 2017
Chris: Lead vocals (courtesy of studio

Dirk: Choir, guitar, programming, production



all rights reserved


heartscore Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe, Germany

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