Once I knew a fine song

by heartscore

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The development of this song started with a guitar-motif, which reminded me immediately on Joy Division and their famous album „Unknown pleasures“. The steady simple rhythm and the melancholic mood, a kind of helpless depression and loneliness. When I worked further on the arrangement the Joy division reference disappeared piece by piece, but I think it’s still a bit audible. At last this song becomes the first ballad of my planned Metal-album and I stick to the instrumentation with Beatbox-drums and an electronic Synth-bass, but the song is much more melodic than all other songs for this project.
Looking at the poem of Stephen Crane which I have chosen you can see another fine example of his poetry. Normally birds are used as cute topic, but here the main character holds them in a basket and is shocked, when they fly away after he has opened the basket. So the question is: Why the narrator is so shocked? It’s normal, that birds will fly away, if you set them free. The line „Come back, little thoughts!“ points to another view. The birds are thoughts of the main character and when he sets his thoughts free he looses them, because they are then in the world and everybody can use them. The thoughts become sand, little and similar and useless.
Maybe this poem could also be a sad picture of the Alzheimer-disease. You loose all your thoughts, they fly away and they not come back.


Once, I knew a fine song,
-- It is true, believe me --
It was all of birds,
And I held them in a basket;
When I opened the wicket,
Heavens! They all flew away.
I cried, "Come back, little thoughts!"
But they only laughed.
They flew on
Until they were as sand
Thrown between me and the sky.
(Stephen Crane)


released June 12, 2017
Chris: Lead vocals (www.studiopros.com)

Dirk: Violin, guitars, choir, synth-programming, production

Instruments used:

Violin "Anton Piegendorfer" build in 1902, Guild X-175 guitar with Bigsby through Kemper Fender Vibroverb profile, U-He Zebra Synth, Custom ESX Instrument with samples of Teenage Engineering PO-12, Roland TR-707 and real Cymbals



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