Peace sells

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During the eighties, when others fell in love with Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and the Eurythmics I explored Trash-Metal and later also more extreme kinds of Metal. It started all with Metallica, but soon I discovered three of the „Big four“. My admiration of Megadeth has lasted until today, though in my opinion mastermind Dave Mustaine has never published again such classics like the first four or five albums. Megadeth was always a band driven by one man. What is so fascinating about Megadeth? First of all I admire the virtuosity and musical variety. Where Metallica seems to be limited Megadeth can expand borders of the genre and Mustaine is able to write amazing songs and is a brilliant guitar-player. The spice of Megadeth is the combination of this high polished musical skills with a Punk-attitude. So while you hold your breath listening to Dave’s complicated rhythms and the jazzy solos you are at the same time confronted with a very raw, aggressive and naughty voice, which also often talks about political and social problems. There is always a critical view in the lyrics, just think on the following song, but also on songs like „Holy wars“. In my opinion Rock’n Roll is at its best, if it proclaims a revolution and this attitude can be found in Megadeth and also other bands of the Trash-Metal era. No wonder, that Megadeth covered „Anarchy in the U.K.“ and named it „Anarachy in the U.S.A“
„Peace sells … but who’s buying?“ became a real classic and fan-favorite and the coolest things of this song are the famous bassline in the beginning, the spoken verse, an exemplary example of the Punk-attitude and the big and carefully build up climax until a whole stadium will scream „Peace sells … but who’s buying“). Of course I have altered the original a lot and I tried to emphasize the Disco-Funk-feel of the bassline. I will unveil more details of the arrangement-process later in a blog-post.

Chris: Vocals
Dirk: Guitars, Synth-programming, Artwork

Instruments used: Thomas Kortmann Custom Strat
Left channel: Maxon OD820->Bogner Überschall->Mesa Rectifier 4x12 with V30->SM57

Right channel: Maxon OD820->Mesa Rectifier->Mesa Stiletto Cabinet with V30->SM57+Royer R-121 Ribbon

Drums: Drums: Logic EXS Sampler with sounds from Teenage engineering PO-12, Roland TR-707 and Samples of real Crash and Ride-cymbals

Bass: U-He Zebra 

This cover-song is officially licensed:


Peace sells

What do you mean I don't believe in God?
I talk to him everyday.
What do you mean, I don't support your system?
I go to court when I have to
What do you mean, I can't get to work on time?
I got nothing better to do.
And, what do you mean, I don't pay my bills?
Why do you think I'm broke? Huh?

If there's a new way,
I'll be the first in line.
But it better work this time.

What do you mean, I hurt your feelings?
I didn't know you had any feelings.
What do you mean, I ain't kind?
Just not your kind.
What do you mean, I couldn't be the President
Of the United States of America?
Tell me something, it's still We the people, right?

If there's a new way
I'll be the first in line
But it better work this time

Can you put a price on peace?

Peace sells...
Peace sells...

Peace sells, but who's buying?
Peace sells, but who's buying?
Peace sells, but who's buying?
Peace sells, but who's buying?

Peace sells …


released January 13, 2018
Music and lyrics by Dave Mustaine/Megadeth


all rights reserved



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