God fashioned the ship of the world carefully

by heartscore



„God fashioned the ship of the world carefully“ is another fine poem by Stephen Crane. The world is compared to a ship, which looses its way, because god’s attention is caught by the call of a „wrong“. The ship is lost in „ridiculous voyages“, because god is not holding the rudder anymore. At the end „Many in the sky laughed at this thing“. It’s an often used motif of Crane to show poor human beings under the observation of mighty gods, which just react with heartless laughter on the human fate. Also a politician must hold the rudder of the world or a country and I could imagine numerous other interpretations.
I created a sort of classic Metal song. The last lines of the poem called for a choir, because „Many“ are calling from the sky. When the song goes from the chorus to the next verse „and god turned heeding“ I use a Plagal cadence: Usually a standard cadence ends with the chords on V and I, while a plagal cadence uses IV and I.

If you want to learn more: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadence_(music)

All in all this song is a bit more traditional compared to the last three tracks, because I use classic songwriting with a dedicated verse, bridge and chorus. I observe, that my songwriting gets more old-fashioned, if I don’t preplan. For an example when I wrote „I met a seer“ I had the intention to write something with the whole-tone-scale. In my opinion this track is based on the classic 80s Metal, which was founded by the big four: Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer.


God fashioned the ship of the world carefully.
With the infinite skill of an All-Master
Made He the hull and the sails,
Held He the rudder
Ready for adjustment.
Erect stood He, scanning His work proudly.
Then -- at fateful time -- a wrong called,
And God turned, heeding.
Lo, the ship, at this opportunity, slipped slyly,
Making cunning noiseless travel down the ways.
So that, forever rudderless, it went upon the seas
Going ridiculous voyages,
Making quaint progress,
Turning as with serious purpose
Before stupid winds.
And there were many in the sky
Who laughed at this thing.

(Stephen Crane)


released March 17, 2017
Chris: Lead vocals (studiopros.com)

Dirk: Guitars, synthesizer, production



all rights reserved


heartscore Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe, Germany

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