I met a seer

by heartscore



You are listening to the fourth track for my Metal-project. The poem of Stephen Crane is a fine parable for people, which are ignorant. When I looked at the poem I recognised three different parts: The first is the scene, when the main character meets the seer. The second is a dialogue of the main character and the seer. The last part is the conclusion, when the main character realises, that he was wrong and that he knows nothing. I try to reflect the three parts in the song. It starts slow and heavy, the dialogue is fast and hectic, as if a naughty child is complaining and arguing. The third part is again slow, but different from the first part. At the end of the line „Then he opened the book and held it before me“ I lengthen the chosen note and add a synth-chord, which should symbolise the knowledge, which hits the figure, while it is reading the book of wisdom.
The music is very much based on the whole-tone scale

If you want to learn more: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whole_tone_scale

Recording notes: I tuned down to C again, because I was very pleased with the results I got in „Black riders came from the sea“.

Instruments used:
 BC Rich Stealth „Chuck Schuldiner“ through Kemper Profiling amp

Left channel: Maxon OD820->Bogner Überschall->Mesa Rectifier 4x12 with V30->SM57

Right channel: Maxon OD820->Mesa Rectifier->Mesa Stiletto Cabinet with V30->SM57+Royer R-121 Ribbon

Bass: U-He Zebra Synthesizer

Drums: Logic EXS Sampler with sounds from Teenage engineering PO-12, Roland TR-707 and Samples of real Crash and Ride-cymbals

All rights reserved 03/05/2017 by heartscore-music/ Dirk Radloff


I met a seer.
He held in his hands
The book of wisdom.
"Sir," I addressed him,
"Let me read."
"Child -- " he began.
"Sir," I said,
"Think not that I am a child,
For already I know much
Of that which you hold.
Aye, much."

He smiled.
Then he opened the book
And held it before me. --
Strange that I should have grown so suddenly blind.
(Stephen Crane)


released March 5, 2017
Chris: Lead vocals (studiopros.com)

Dirk: Guitars, synthesizer, production



all rights reserved


heartscore Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe, Germany

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